Cobble stone


Coblle stone is produced from our granite deposit. Granit is a middle grained rock, having a light gray and ligt yellow hue with clearly accentuated mineral structure. Thanks to all that our granite is unique compered to other granites.

Technical parameters eg. absorbtivity, compression strength , wearing resistance and low temperature resistance, makes it perfect material for building. Cobble stone compliant with PN – EN 1342 : 2003

We produce cobble stone of standard size :
4/6cm, 8/11cm, 15/17cm

As per order we produce other types of cobble stone including:
6/8cm, 7/9cm, 8/11/12cm, 15/17/8cm, 18/20cm

Efficiency o paved cobble stones:
kostka 4/6cm – 8,5 m2/t, kostka 7/9cm – 6 m2/t, kostka 8/11cm – 4,5m2/t, kostka 15/17cm – 2,3 m2/t

  • Types of cobble stones

Raw-splitted ,middle grained:

Raw-splitted ,fine grained:

Raw-splitted, imported stone: